AT&T announces mobile 5G network in Las Vegas

(AP File)
(AP File)

AT&T announced Thursday that it is the first company to bring a mobile 5G network to Las Vegas.

The telecommunications giant said Las Vegas is the 20th U.S. city served with its network, bringing lower-latency, ultra-fast speeds and enhanced capacity using millimeter wave technology, according to a news release.

The network is only available in Las Vegas for customers using the Galaxy S10 5G phone on the recently announced AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred plan.

“We are proud to introduce 5G+ to Las Vegas,” said Stephanie Tyler, AT&T Nevada state president, in the news release. “Being the first to Las Vegas, and the first to 20 cities across the U.S., is a testament to AT&T’s commitment to our future. This next generation wireless network will be game-changing as we explore the many opportunities and experiences it will bring. This technology will advance businesses and their customers as they become increasingly mobile and more connected.”

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